I'm a Member

Register as a JBei member and use the specified CUP card spending in our merchants, will be able to enjoy the more valuable discounts;

Also you have a good opportunity to become an agent of JBei, through this way you can earn generous commission; In addition, our members can participate in various online / offline activities. Smart consume from the beginning of become a JBei member!

Register to reward 100 JBei Points.
Login to reward 50 JBei Points.

I'm an Agent

You can easily earn excellent commission by help the merchants to promote their products and servies, share a variety of discount offers, invite friends to register JBei account and guide members spending in our merchants and so on. The agent application is extremely simple, you can be done within five minutes. While taking advantage of the JBei platform, agents can easily complete the work and can determine the time of the work.

• How to become an agent:
Note: Agents need to be registered as a JBei member first, then by submitting relevant information to apply for an agent. All agents are needed to verify their information and passed by the approval in order to become the formal JBei business agents.

• The agent main conditions:
1) At least 18 years old, with full capacity for civil conduct;
2) Has a certain level of computer operation, internet marketing, can use the internet to carry out the work;
3) Active participation in the company held a variety of online / offline training and activities;
4) Need to apply for "Agent Account" in JBei platform, and register real personal information according to requirement.

Agent commission comes from the consumption of the recommended JBei members in our special merchants. The highest commission for sharing will be 60% ​​of the real total commission. The agent can do business, view commission an so on by JBei platform.

I'm a Merchant

Make use of the new social marketing platform with "agent + sharing + discount" business model built by JBei, merchants will get maximum publicity at the lowest cost! Merchants need to provide competitive special offers for our members.

• Apply for a merchant flow:
Note: The merchant join and approval time will normally be controlled within 3 workdays.

• Main conditions for joining:
1) Must have an independent legal entity, to comply with the laws of the country / region;
2) Can provide high quality of products or services for JBei members;
3) Commitment to give certain discounts to the member who spending with specified CUP card.
Contact Us: marketing@jbei.net